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My name is Nick Bogatin and I am the Founder of Bogatin Integrated Enterprises, BIE for short. BIE is a full service Integrated Marketing firm offering education, services, and specialized consulting on various aspects of marketing. We work with our clients to develop “integrated” marketing strategies and implement those strategies by creating simple, yet comprehensive systems to market their message across multiple channels effectively – both online and offline.

In today’s economy, and with rapid advances in technology, you have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to reach more people, engage prospects, create loyal clients, and to pull ahead of your competition. But those same rapid advances make it difficult to stay up to date. This leads to one of three choices:

  1. Give up on producing marketing campaigns
  2. Produce below average marketing campaigns
  3. Focus entirely on your marketing campaigns to

The first two choices above are fairly obvious why they are not good for the growth of your business. But even the third is a real problem for two reasons. First, businesses which focus entirely on these new technologies often do so at the expense of more traditional media. Second, unless marketing (online & offline) is a passion for you, let us free up your time doing what we love, so you can do what you love.

The key is to created an integrated approach so that online marketing supports offline marketing and offline marketing supports online marketing… making each more effective, as part of a system.
Businesses can do this, but only if they develop a strategy to build a solid integrated marketing system and then consistently execute strategies around that system. It is my mission to provide the resources and education to assist them!

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